Announcment & Rule For Taking All Medias and Photos

Hello everyone, I hope you don't mind if I state some rules here. It's not hard to follow. ^.^

1. Please leave a comment when you are taking a file (very important), I take a lot of time to upload.
2. Please ask my permission if you want hotlink. Don't hotlink without my permission.
3. Please proper credit ( whenever sharing my files elsewhere.
4. I do not mind if you a
dd me to your friends list. But I just say I can't add you back.
5. I don't mind if you upload the videos on your forum or blog. As long as you put credit. I took the time to upload, convert or edit the video, so I think I atleast deserve to be credited.
6. Leave your e-mail if you need password (password send by e-mail only)
7. If you have any problems, contact me by PM or email: or

8. Please ask my permission if you want to sub it on other languages. I do not mind if you do that, but atleast i know someone will do it, and to make sure the credit is there.  

Thanks for read ^ ^ and understand



[Announcment] 130524 MediaFire Account Has Been Suspended

UPDATE!!!! 130524

Dear friends and Guests
  • I would like to inform that my MF account has been suspended / blocked (again and again | because of Jackal movie) T T.
  • What this means is I no longer have access to the account that my files are connected to which means that some of the links on my blog are void and no longer useable.
  • I'm so sorry to tell you that but I can not re-upload all of them, I moving on for the latest only.